Build a successful service based business from scratch solo, employees, or contractors.


Hey, I’m Krystal

I teach cleaners & entrepreneurs how to start, grow, & automate their cleaning businesses.

Whether you want to:
Start a cleaning company
Get employees & more clients
Start a referral agency with contractors
Automate your existing cleaning company
Scale your existing cleaning company
Increase sales & Leads
Increase training proficiency

More About Me:
In 2015, I opened up a cleaning service where it was just me and my business partner. We started from scratch and started growing rapidly. A few months into it, my business partner and I split up and I decided on hiring an employee, business kept growing and I ended up getting more employees, getting company cars, and having 2 cleaning routes.

I realized very quickly I didn't want to be cleaning for the rest of my life and wanted to have a office job and supervise everyone. I generated over 10k a month in profit with my employee based business. I fell in love with someone long distance and a year later we wanted to move in. With a business its hard to just pick up and go. So I closed down my business and opened up a Cleaning Agency using Independent cleaners.

I work 3 hours a day and can work from anywhere in the world. I don't worry about supplies, cars, equipment, training. I can work as much or as little as I want. If i decide to not work for a month or a week everything still is in autopilot and I love that.

I want to help show you what I have learned over the years whether your a solo entrepreneur, partnership, LLC, operate with contractors also known as a Referral Agency or with employees and workers comp. I've operated it all and can help share my knowledge to help you grow. Whether you want to be all in or you want to only work a few hours a week. We will work on getting you where you dream to be.

My specialties:

Recruiting, Tech, Systems, Automation, Orientation Videos

Fun facts:

We love to travel and go on trips. We have been to Mexico, Bahamas, and over 20 States. Since I work from home I have more Freedom to enjoy time with my family. (8)
This is our newest addition to our family. She is SOOOOoooOooOOoOo Freaking adorable and melts my heart. Since i work from home I don’t get to miss any special moments growing up and with COVID-19 this hasn’t changed anything with my work except 2 more kids home haha. Going NUTS# JK. (13)
Every year we go on a Christmas ski trip to Tahoe, and I truly look forward to it every year. Skiing is so fun and our kids just love it. (10)
I served 3 years in the Army National Guard as a Military Police Officer. After that i started my first Cleaning Company and was making over 10,000 a month in profit with employees , workers comp and company cars. This was so fun, and I learned so much!

The why behind it all:

I believe in chasing your biggest dreams and designing your life the way you want it. An online business makes this possible.

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