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Hiring My First VA!

Let’s talk about getting the perfect VA for you. Where do you find them? Should hire with a company or directly hire VA?

The first part that I want to talk about is the training and cost aspect when it comes to getting a VA.

Which do you prefer?
Instant Replacement Ability
Lowest cost

We see typically see 3 types of training types with VA Companies:
Software trained
Software & Industry Trained
No Training

Remember that is going to be a higher cost vs training them yourself anywhere with more of the direct-hire approach.
👉 When we talk about software trained, it’s typically a VA who’s 90% trained on the booking software or software and more of the industry, Yet still, need to learn your company processes.

👉 And then you have the direct hire approach, which is more of you have to do the training and find them yourselves.

Now for the Pros and Cons so you can make that decision yourself on which approach you want to go with.

Direct Hiring Approach
✅ Lower hourly rate.
👉If you’re looking for a social media VA those typically range anywhere from $2 to $5 an hour
👉For customer support $4 to $6 an hour
👉Sales $3 to $7 an hour as well, and for web design that is typically around $7 to $11  eleven dollars an hour.

✅ Approx 2 to 3 Weeks for training them
✅ The flexibility of filtering out the hiring process
✅ Flexibility on the pay cycle. (weekly bi-weekly)
✅Part-time or full-time

❌You don’t have the instant replacements
❌You do your own payroll, $3 to $4 processing fee per VA
❌15 hours minimum.

Company Train VA
30% Trained
✅ 5x Higher Rate
✅ Approx 2 weeks of training
✅Training is mainly based on your booking software and you need to train them more about your industry
✅Ability to request a new VA.

90% Trained
✅ 5x Higher Rate
✅ Approx 1-2 weeks of training
✅Training is mainly based on your process, not software, more on your company culture
✅Ability to request a new VA.

❌ Higher hourly pay.
❌ Less flexibility when it comes to choosing a VA.
❌When request a new VA
❌ Flexibility on the pay cycle versus for that convey, typically stuck on whatever billing cycle that they offer.

 ❗️Keep in mind. They do also have VA’s that aren’t trained on your software or industry for the same price as well.

Now you got to decide. So if you want to have a VA company, you got to accept that you’re willing to pay five times the normal rate,  if that’s for you?

If you want to use a VA Company we would recommend

And for the direct hire approach, I would definitely recommend where all of the VA’’s are.

If you’ve ever tried, posting a job there, it can get very overwhelming, with a lot of people applying for a certain position. 

Having a specific title will really narrow down the views for VA’s who are really looking for that role, in addition, the other one, which was bringing in relevant traffic wasn’t going to a funnel and it was a really targeted approach and we actually automated that process. 

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Hiring My First VA!

Let’s talk about getting the perfect VA for you. Where do you find them? Should hire with a company or directly hire VA? The first

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