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Strategies Behind Monthly Job Ad Platforms

If you’re trying to hire for your company, I’m pretty sure you’ve probably explored a lot of the different job platforms.
. . . In order to have an effective hiring strategy, you’ll need to understand the strategy behind a specific job ad platform and its effectiveness

We will dive into job ad platforms that charge monthly pricing, and next week we’ll dive into the job platforms that charge cost per click or cost per apply and which one is the best one recommended out of all of the choices.
Monthly platforms typically use two different types of strategies.
1: The first one is platforms like where you typically post the job, but you have access to all the providers from their platform or applicants on their platform, and you’re able to message them to try to get more exposure to your job post.
❌ So this is very manual
❌ You’re baiting people to come to your job post.

Baiting people typically leads to two things, no-shows and high turnover.
So I definitely don’t recommend getting people that way.
👉I definitely recommend trying to get them when they’re ready to apply for the position.
Platforms like are also really expensive because you’re having to do a lot of manual work to reach out to people to get them to apply and generate interest.
❌And it’s highly ineffective.

2: The second strategy when it comes to the monthly pricing model is typically platforms like a Betterteam where you create a job post and share it out to all the different job boards.
 . . . . . And it seems like you’re getting all these different perks
But in reality, they’re sharing out for free on all these other platforms, therefore hindering your visibility.

Take this into consideration when you have a free post.

  • If you have somebody else who posts into the job, they’re going to go on top of you.
  • And then if you have somebody who sponsors it’s gonna go on top of you. 
  • And it’s being pushed down further and further in the queue. 

There are millions of job posts that get reposted every second, therefore pushing you down far, when it comes to sponsored posts!!
Just in one city for one of our customers, we dove into more of the stats because it is a competitive area.
There were over a thousand business owners competing for a cleaning position.
😱 They are not just business owners in general, they’re looking for different types but specific business owners sponsoring jobs that had cleaning keywords and to their job posts.
⚡So that is very competitive, and you’re going to be better off instead of a platform that shares it to go more directly to that specific platform to get better results.⚡

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